Lemme just tell you, I was sickeningly obsessed with Tokio Hotel. I can’t even remember the last time I typed that name in. Deadass for maybe a year and a half, I WAS OBSESSED. like I don’t mean obsessed as in I listened to them everyday. IT WAS WAY WORSE. No joke I have the bed set which I ordered FROM FUCKING GERMANY, 5 shirts including a tour shirt that I never WENT TO I GOT IT OFFLINE, 258 pictures I printed out AND CUT UP AND HUNG THEM AROUND MY ROOM, 6 poster sets, 3 hoodies, A MAGAZINE THAT I ORDERED FROM FUCKING GERMANY, the “Schrei - Live” DVD, the Scream cd, the Schrei cd, Humanoid cd, MOTHERFUCKING CONVERSE. TOKIO HOTEL CONVERSE. THAT I ORDERED. FROM. GERMANY. 


MY AUNT GOT ME CUSTOM MADE BUTTONS AND STICKERS OF THEM, 2 tokio hotel bags, 3 bracelets, and I tried to win a signed Tom guitar, I watched a TOKIO HOTEL DOCUMENTARY IN GERMAN 

end of story is middle school was rough as hell goodbye